Sunday, August 26, 2012

Raya Celebration 2012

We have pretty much decided we are going to spend our first raya in KL every year, now that my atok is not in his best condition to be staying on his own, he will be staying in KL with us maybe sampai bila-bila. Even if he is getting better, he will not be able to be staying alone with my opah in kampung where no one is around to look after. So, yea... first raya insyaAllah will always be in KL.

But we need to take turns to be with who's parents on early morning raya. Pagi raya memang sangat bermakna untuk semua orang, at least to my family. We will bersalam-salam and take photos and makan nasi tomato together, that's our family tradition.

Last year, we spent our first day raya morning with my husband's family in Ampang. This year, it's my family's turn to have that morning with me and my husband. But we went back Ampang on raya eve to buka puasa with my in laws. It's nice to give and take, so far, between me and hubby, takde pernah gaduh nak pegi mana, nak balik mana, we understand each other and the needs to be fair with both families, very well, syukur for that.

So first raya morning, oleh kerana the night before, after we came back from Ampang, my neighbours in the same lorong and my family sedang sibuk berlawan mercun dan bunga api dengan penduduk the other side of Bidai Residence, kami pun join and stayed up very late, semua bagi alasan tak pergi solat raya. Cheh konon-konon.

Mama and Papa
Papa tak pakai baju raya this year, sebab atok still sakit, he didnt want to look beriya beraya. So he decided to wear shirt instead. Tapi colour off laaa...

There is no picture of me salam with hubby, private session, ;) awal pagi lagi dah mintak ampun, takleh nak tunggu solat raya abis.

Me and hubby di pagi raya
With my family

After all this salam and makan session, we headed straight to Kajang to my makngah's place where my atok was. Surprisingly, atok was handsomely dressed in baju melayu. Still bed rest though.

At Makngah's house we had some kueteow goreng and nasi with kurma ayam and rendang. Then we headed to Damansara, hubby's nenek's house where we meet all my hubby's extended family in one place. Tapi tak dapat nak ambik gambar, it was soo packed, and everybody is like scattered everywhere, tak dpt nak berkumpul ambil gambar.

At night, we received guests at Bukut Jelutong.

My in laws came, but tak sempat take foto with my BIL's lil family.
Mama's siblings and my opah from Puchong
Neighbours also came

Second day raya, we went to hubby's mak sedara's house in the morning and then to his tok sedara's house for lunch. No picture, sebab semua concentrate on makanan yang dihidang.

After that we hit the highway and headed to Ipoh to my opah sedara's house (mama's aunt). It took us 4 hours to reach Ipoh (normally 2.5 hours the most).

BBQ on second raya di Ipoh
Third day, we went to Padang Rengas to my other opah sedara's house (papa's aunt).

Padang Rengas family
Yes, no picture of me...!!! Sebab gemuk sangat, malas nak tangkap gambar.. haha :p

We hit the highway to KL, and it took us 6 hours to reach KL, hamaigadd!! Jam tak hengat!

Lepas maghrib, we went to hubby's Pak Ude's house in Damansara for open house.

With hubby's family

That sums up my raya celebration before I started to go back to work. BOO for going back to work!

Hope everyone is also enjoying their raya celebration as much as I did.

Salam to all.

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