Sunday, July 20, 2008

Abong and Lina


A friend of ours, Irman atau nama tidak benarnya Abong, married the girl of his dream on the 10th July, 2008. The holly matrimony was beautifully held at Masjid Wilayah with over 100 guests witnessing the love unity. I personally have not seen Abong for quite some time now but when I saw him walking from the car towards the foyer with his best man, Fairul at his side, I knew that he was ready to be someone’s husband. He walked with full confidence. There was no trace of 'Abong', the ‘housemate’-of-Llandough-Street, the boy who during his Uni days used to come to our house and cook, bring his guitar and karaoke with us until late night, yadda yadaa... No trace of 'Abong', in fact, he was all Irman.

The bride

Waiting beautifully

The bride and the hantaran

Irman Hadi Dzulkafli

Presenting Mas Kahwin to the bride

The wedding ring

The first kiss (eh ye ker? :p) after diijabkabulkan

Mr Irman and Mrs Lina

The exquisite wedding reception was held on the 12th July, 2008, at Concorde Shah Alam. Lina was sooooo indescribably beautiful. She is even beautiful without make up, what more with Sue Cantik’s touch on her face; she looked like a glowing angel. She had lost a lot of weight (oh I am sooo jealous!!). She was glowing and looking so radiant. I adored her gorgeous wedding gown so much. Had it tailored in Jakarta with only one introduction by a friend. The tailor didn’t even draw a sketch of the gown that Lina described she would want to wear. The sketching of the gown was literally written in words instead of drawing. Lina put her full faith in that tailor, and it turned out exactly as how she wanted it to be. Amazingly beautiful and reasonably priced too.

Walking down the aisle

Melangkah ke alam bahagia

The wedding gown

If I can remember the story correctly, told by our MC, Syah, the couple met in the UK on a holiday trip. A common friend of theirs had the intention to bring this two together and secretly arranged them to be seated in the same car. Abong was attracted to her instantly (chewahh). Later, after the trip, he tried to find ways to talk to her, so he called her and asked for her email address. He told her he wanted to send the trip’s photos to Lina (konon-konon lah). That was the starting of the bunga-bunga cinta.

Looking at the future

Together forever

The Emcee, the best man and the usherer


With Su and Adzimah

The MC practicing his lines


Friends of the couple

The whole event went so fast and just when I was happily catching up with some friends, I realized that we had come to the end of the evening. We didn’t leave immediately; instead the Cardiffians went up to the couple’s suite to spend more time together, since Abong is going to take his wife to Bahrain in August, to where he is currently attached to. The boys, apa lagi? Makan nasik lagi dengan lauk pengantin lah!

Melantak lauk pengantin. In the pic - Bertz, Syah and Bach. Captured by: Ali




Anonymous said...

dearest izrin,

sweetnyeeee! thank u sgt. rasa cam dpt present yg bes gile n sgt cool.. hehe.. thanks again..

abong & lina yg sgt terharu tapi masih cool

Izrin said...

:) hope u guys are enjoying ur married life. enjoy while u still can..haha.. happy honeymoon!

Ali said...

tahniah pada kamu berdua...selamat 'bergurau senda'

bola2api said...

korang bila pulak?? hehe the golden question

Izrin said...

:p soalan cepu mas!

meeman said...

Best nyer dpt catch up with the rest of the cf-ians. Wish I was there :(

and yes, without a doubt Lina nampak lawa sgt2 tht nite! ( well she is pretty as she is anyways without any makeup) :)

and as for abong.. I have to agree with you iz.
By just looking through the pics,he appeared to be 'Irman Hadi', and no longer like 'Abong, abong', like how we used to know. :)

Wishing All the Happiness in the world for this married couple. & May Allah bless you too!

p.s. So I guess the next q is, who's next? ;)

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