Saturday, June 20, 2009

Third day in class

My third day in class. I was initially excited. The thought of taking days off from work, the thought of going for revision classes during the holiday, really makes me feel keyed up.

However, towards the end of the session, they get boring and dreary.

Financial Instruments. Yes. Ask any accountants about Financial Instruments, they would definitely show the same expression.

A quote from my lecturer:

Do not read the whole topic on Financial Instruments as you will never understand it. Even the examiners don’t.

A quote from the examiner:

A person, who reads through the text book on Financial Instruments and claims he understands the topic, has clearly not read the topic at all.

It is THAT boring. And its not easy to understand too..

As my lecturer was talking at the front, my mind went all the way to Cardiff, reminiscing those days when I only went for short 50 minutes classes, and then I started to swear why the hell am I attending this 9 hour class.

My thoughts travel quite far thereafter. I started to think of the things that I can do to lose 5kg in a month. Bicycle, run, diet, slimming spa, badminton. Arghhh Jiwa kacau.

Then I began to think of what type of baju raya shall I make this year. Kebaya, Kurung modern, Kurung biasa.

Suddenly, the class went quiet. I realized that my lecturer was asking whether or not we understood what he had illustrated. So I konon-konon looked at the book and pura-pura baca and I gave an expression yang memang telah mengkantoi kan diri ini.

Ooooo”.. saya mengangguk sambil pandang the opened book dengan muka puas seolah-olah sudah paham apa yang diajarkan.

Okay, let me remind you, looking at the notes again, I am actually referring to page 16 now,….” OMG, he deliberately said the page number. That’s because I was left far behind at page 13 and he NOTICED that.

Sorry Tim, I lost you at “Now we’re gonna look at financial instruments…..” which was about an hour ago before I realized that I was actually sleeping with my eyes open.

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