Monday, June 1, 2009

Dirk Kuyt on LFC players

Ever wanted to know what Dirk Kuyt thinks of his teammates? Well wonder no more after the Dutchman revealed all about the Reds' squad in an exclusive chat with Match Magazine.

Who is the loudest in the squad?

I think that's Jamie Carragher! He's always shouting at people and telling them what to do on the pitch – it seems like you can hear him from everywhere. Sometimes he's so loud you just have to laugh about it.

Who has got the hardest shot?

When Riise was here it was definitely him, but now it must be Stevie Gerrard! Daniel Agger can really hit the ball hard and has scored some great goals for us, but I think Stevie just has more power.

Who is the best at FIFA 09?

Fernando Torres and Javier Mascherano play the FIFA games a lot on away trips, but I'm not sure who is the best! Hopefully they'll both let me get involved soon because I know I would be better than them!

Who's the cleverest?

Most people say footballers aren't very intelligent! It's hard to tell because we spend most of our time talking football, but I think Xabi Alonso is quite clever – at least he thinks he's clever anyway!

Who is the strongest?

The whole squad does weights a few times a week after training and Pepe Reina is the strongest. If there was a competition to see who could lift the most weights or do the most squats, Pepe would definitely win!

Who is your best mate?

I get on with all the lads, but I play golf with Pepe Reina and Albert Riera whenever I get the chance. Yossi Benayoun plays poker with us sometimes as well, so I probably spend the most time with them.

Who's the club DJ?

I don't want to big myself up but the lads always ask me to put my iPod on before games. It's probably because I'm the only one who has an iPod with me! I try to get a good mix of songs to keep everyone happy.

Who's the fastest?

We always do sprint tests at Liverpool so that's an easy one. We did the tests a couple of weeks ago and Ryan Babel was easily the fastest – even quicker than Fernando. I think he did athletics when he was younger.

Who is Mr Liverpool?

I think Carra knows everything – not only about Liverpool but about football in general. He eats and sleeps football and watches it every day, so he knows everything about the club. Steven Gerrard knows a lot about Liverpool too.

source LFC's webpage

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