Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mars & Venus

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.
This is acknowledged for very good reasons.

To define women: (taken from

*Women are far more complex then men. Their needs and desires are numerous, but fluctuate more as well. Better listening skills is always needed: Men need to be more interactive, to be more empathetic and more connective with their communication skill -i.e. Much More Sensitivity.

*Women having their "purposed petty" problems taken seriously. Men must exercise higher social skills during discussions with their mate on difficulties (and rarely help in solving, nor to speak, and to mostly listen, holding and or cuddling, tender touching -brushing the hair with the fingers, but not sex motivated).

*More regular discussion intervals and more open communications needed: Men obviously need to have more attentiveness and interest in their mate's issues, both on facts presented, her feeling levels being expressed, and to remember these things and when they happen.

*Women have a need for attention -vers- having sex: Men need to make them feel nourish of their relationship, the feeling that she's a love partner, and not just a love object or boy sex tool.

*Women need appreciation: Men need to give thanks and gratitude for all she has done.

*Women have the need for the real interest in her life: Men should have the curiosity about her day, her beliefs, and her dreams.

*Women enjoy the feeling of being a part of her man's life: Men should be sharing goals and values with her, talking over family economics, business ventures, and planning family gathers throughout the year, and recreation activities, etc.

*Women love to have little experiences of social and emotional remembrance shared in private and in public: Men need to learn writing little notes, giving little gifts, and making special plans that say, "I love you."

*Her partner's involvement in things she enjoys: willingness to indulge, to share ideas, to learn with, to participate in her favorite pleasures.

*Understanding: trying to comprehend using intuition and logic, to listen.

*Closeness: holding her in his arms, touching her gently when spoken to, or being spoken to, giving her the presence of protecting her.

*Tenderness: Verbalize the use of kind words, expressions, sensitive tones, and to listen.

*Acceptance of who she is as she is: permission to be imperfect, affirmation of her appearance, go shopping with her, to learn and appreciate her fashion tastes, her character, and achievements.

-We want Mr. Right to accept us and love us for who we really are and to treat us with respect and honor.

Jarang sekali lelaki akan bersikap seperti yang kita idamkan. They are always the opposite.

Tetapi kalau lelaki belajar untuk hidup cara the Venus style seperti di atas, your partner will be the happiest woman alive.
Orang tanya, "kenapa lelaki jer kene give in and not women?"
Perempuan dijadikan dari tulang rusuk Nabi Adam, sesungguhnya perempuan tu lemah in the inside walaupon kadang-kadang nampak ganas on the outside.
A chinese guy, Mr N once said to me, "Girls are made to be 'sayang-sayang'ed. And guys like me are made to love them".

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Ali said...

those highlighted in red are definitely points that Men (me,myself,aku,saya,ana,gua,I) have to improve and take note...

i'm sorry that there are so many RED words/phrase...hope it gets less soon.


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