Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wishlist for my second baby

I am now 8 months preggy...yes one more month..sooo near yet so far. I haven't got anything for my little princess yet, because I have been pretty tied up with a lot of things happening in my family, my dad has been unwell for quite some time, and I am maidless... So I can't even think of going shopping for the baby, not even a second. Although it's going to be another girl, it's gonna be a lot of hand-me-down thingy... but I still have to buy few other things. Those things are either stuff that I still have but still being used by my little Iris, or some things that I have never had with Iris.

The list goes.....

1. Feeding bottles newborn starter pack
2. Bottle detergents
3. Diaper
4. Bath set includes baby towel and bath tub
5. Toiletries set
6. Baby cloth detergent
7. Baby carrier that can use for feeding and normal position
8. Car seat booster (Halford premier  booster) for Iris
9. Butterfly stroller for Iris
10. Nursery bag (Trying to get hubby to buy Kate Spade's) hahahah
11. New bedding set
12. Changing table
13. Baby swaddle zap type
14. Rocking chair/bouncer
15. Breast pump Eve love Lily
16. Some new baby clothing

Banyak jugakkan.

And based on experience with Iris, I just have to prepare a small pack of formula milk JUST IN CASE, and the nipple soothing stuff (cream, nipple shield etc). I can still remember the first few weeks after Iris was born, I was facing problem with breasfeeding such as milk not stimulated well (Iris was not really good at latching), nipple sore and all other sort of things. So just be prepared.

3 more weeks to full term. I can't wait to meet you..

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