Sunday, August 24, 2014

What's on my mind

I actually have a lot of things to write. To express. I have mixed feeling. Well mostly not a good one.

It's still raya month and honestly, I don't feel raya at all. I have a lot of open houses' invitation but I have only been to one friend's house where I managed to see most of my friends alhamdulillah.

I dunno how do I begin.

I found out I am pregnant, alhamdulillah. Bad morning sickness in the first three months. My toddler getting her tantrum sync in ever since. My maid is on one month leave and not sure if she is coming back. Mom's maid that is supposed to take care of my daughter ran away after one week. Brothers in-law wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (prolly the only good news so far). First temporary babysitter rejected my daughter on the second day. Found another expensive, troublesome babysitter. Dad diagnosed with terminal illness. That's the latest.

I can't write all these in one entry. I will find time to share n vent out. I will. Coz at times I feel so out of the world. And I just break down and cry.

Semoga Allah kuatkan hati Dan semangat. Ameen.

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