Friday, May 13, 2011

Marriage Approval - DONE

I know this is a bit too late to share, not because i delayed the process of sharing, but the whole process of getting the documentation done was delayed upo to the last second week before the wedding.

1. Kursus kahwin
We first started our process for the marriage approval way in 2009, i guess (without intention to get married any sooner). We started by attending the kursus kahwin in majlis negeri, Shah Alam. There are few other places you can get your kursus from, but I guess the one in Shah Alam, could be the best as it is organised by JAIS themselves. They are a bunch of fun speakers too. Banyak benda you can learn from the kursus.

Antara my favourite was, (and I kept repeating this to many other people) that, women's responsibilities is only to satisfy their men in bed. ONLY, meaning, they are not supposed to work, not supposed to cook, to clean the house etc... those are men's responsibilities, to make sure food is on the men's responsibility. If they can't do it because they are working, they are supposed to provide a servant for the wife, and not make the wife as the servant! ouhhh.. i love this, man! :p

The two days kursus costs you RM80, over the weekend. The first day would take probably from 9 to 4pm and on the next day would only take about 4 hours. Lunch is provided, and the food was damn good! Books for reference are also provided. All inclusive in the RM80.

2. HIV test
We did our HIV test separately, although at the same place. HIV test must be done at ONLY klinik kesihatan approves by JAIS.Opening hours ONLY from 2 to 4pm, mondays to fridays. We did ours at jalan tanglin, near masjid negara. You must take the borang to fill up at the klinik itself, and make appointment. Although sometimes, you can just walk in to do the test, it is advisable to make appointment with them.

Fill up the borang in advanced, went to the klinik as planned according to the appointment made. When I was there first time I didnt really know what to do and where to go. And nobody there BOTHER to ask if I was ok. Nak pergi klinik kerajaan ni, mulut kene kasi ringan sikit..must ask, otherwise, you'll be lost.

Sent in the borang, left IC with the registration counter and took my number. When my number was called, I had to pay RM5 maybe for the test, I dont know. I was then asked to go to the back and pass my borang to the nurses. Lama gila tunggu, I was eventually called after almost 2 hours of waiting.

The person explained to me about HIV (what, who, when, how), macam yang kita selalu dengar masa ceramah-ceramah HIV kat sekolah dulu, well, i took it very lightly...sapa tak tahu what is HIV kan. and how boleh get infected kan? While he was explaining, he poked my finger with the needle. sakkkiiiiiittt! berdebar jugak tunggu result. After result keluar, it was proven to be negative, i was then sent to the doctor who was gonna sah kan my result. The doctor then asked me what, how, when, where about HIV. I was blank.  And although i felt i sounded kelakar, i went ahead and gave her a text book answer. She finally signed and approved the borang. This result is only valid for 6 months.

3. Groom's documentation
In this case, i think Mr A was very efficient. He got his saksi, got his borang ready and complete and went to pejabat agama for his housing area, and his application was approved. This approval is only valid for 2 months. His documentation is part of my list of documentation.

4. Bride's documentation
a)Borang 2C - borang about the bride and the groom.
b)Borang 2D - borang about wali and saksi details
c)HIV test result
d)Dokumen sokongan - my IC, wali's IC, saksi's IC, sijil kursus kahwin (copy and original), surat keterangan nikah parents (as I am first child, to know if my father can really be my wali)
e)Borang bermastautin as my address in the IC is different then my current address as I just moved into new house early this yr. This borang must be signed by saksi  to approved

5. Approval
Called JAIS to ask where I am supposed to get my pre-approval from. According to my address in Bukit Jelutong, they assigned me to go to Masjid TUDM in TTDIjaya. They also passed me the contact person who is actually the Penolong Pendaftar Nikah. They prefer to meet up in between maghrib and isya', however, if you wish to go after isya', they want you to solat there, so after solat can go straight to his office. I went to see him with my wali and two saksi (my bro n uncle) two and half weeks before nikah. He vetted the documentations, all of us need to sign the borangs (in Note 4) in front of him.

A week before nikah, I went to the Pendaftar nikah from JAIS in shah alam, opposite the mosque. The documents were ready and signed for final approval within 3 hours. You have to pay RM5 for the approval. I had to bring back the approved documents to the Penolong Pendaftar Nikah in Masjid TUDM and left it with him. By then, you can book your jurunikah already.


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