Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The sacrifice

Tonight may be the last night I am spending time here in JB with my husband. It has been 1 month since I left Ernst & Young.

And it has been 1 month worth of thinking what am I going to do with my life. Am I going to be a housewife? Continue to find job? And where shall I start my new job?

For 1 month I have been living the life of a housewife. I cooked, I washed the clothes (machine and handwash), cleaned the kitchen and the house, ironed the clothes and there were other little things I did as a housewife.

I was ecstatic in the beginning (and still are whenever I have the opportunity to do those things), doing things for your husband is something very fulfilling as a wife. Seeing my husband happy, makes me happy.

He comes back from work, dinner is served on the table, after eating, I let him leave the dishes unwashed so he could watch TV. I prepare hot tea for him after dinner, and at night, when he is too lazy to wash up, I wipe his face with my facial wipes, and sometimes when he is lazy to shower but his body becomes sticky because of sweat, I wipe his body using wet towel, so he could sleep comfortably.

But I know I was born a career woman. I can't just sit back at home watching TV during the day while other people working so hard to gain physical and mental input. I cant let my brain just die watching Desperate Housewives.

Not yet.

I feel that I am still young that I still have so much to earn and so much more to give. I cant stop my career now. I have to climb up that career ladder and reach my goal in life. And I believe it is a satisfaction as a person as well as a wife who can help to build the family together with her husband.

Now, I am not even halfway there.

My line of work do not give room for opportunities in JB.  And no, I dont want to work in Singapore, because this much of contribution I can give, I'd rather give it to my own people, to my own economy, to my own country.

And at this very moment I am so thankful to my husband for being such an understanding person by letting me work in KL. He understands my passion and never even once he thinks I am being selfish.

He said by being separated, both of us can focus on our work and give our best to our job responsibilities and then have quality time with family during weekends, where he would come home from JB. This is such a huge sacrifice that my husband and I are making.

Maybe bila dah ada anak nanti, I can start to think again whether or not to leave my work and take full care of my child. Till then, I will still continue to strive for excellence.

Terima kasih, Cinta.


Dr. Ikeen said...

Owh.. Very well written :) I always wanted to know how it feels like to be a full time housewife!!!

Izrin said...

thanks ikeen.. its a very nice feeling, u know when u can fulfill ur husband's needs? supaya dia senang? hehe.. (tapi makin lama makin jadi manja hahah:p) but it's really nice.. especially when u already have Khaira.. wooh.. best giler jadi housewife, even nicer if u have a maid to do the cleaning up.. haha... :p

mclarenna said...

Hi izrin,

I like the things that you wrote about not ready to give up your career. How I wish I can be at stay at home wife but I feel it too, I feel that I am not ready to wake up and wonder what should I do today.

Its great that you and your husband reached a mutual consensus in the huge decision that you made to be a weekend-husband-wifey. Utilise every single seconds that you guys have during weekend and hopefully we both can be mummy anytime soon. :)

Izrin said...

Hi Nana, thanks for the comment. yeap.. i feel that my husband is very very undertanding and i feel so blessed. Thanks for the advice, insyaAllah, semoga kita dua ada rezeki and can be mummy soon.. :)

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