Friday, May 28, 2010


You know why i hate motorcycles/motorcyclist so much? No offends but really, I was listening to the radio one morning and I heard this guy was telling on air that he will kick the car siapa yang tak bagi dia jalan.

I mean like who the hell you think you are? And he had the guts to say "bagi la kita yang naik motor ni jalan, bagi muka la sikit".. huh? Why should i? i pay road tax, i pay toll. Why should I give you way?

Yesterday, I was reviewing my client's claim file. One of the claims on car accident was from a customer who accidentally knocked a motocycle on NPE highway. And the motorcyclist sued the driver.

First of all, WTH a motorcycle doing on a FAST LANE of a highway???????

Ada hati nak saman orang.

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