Saturday, May 15, 2010

Malaysia Boleh?

Past few days people have been talking about nothing but the Thomas Cup. Interesting enough when Malaysian squad Fairuz created controversy after the match with Japan.
I was listening to Hot FM the next morning and the discussion topic was something like “Siapa yang patut lebih emo, the player or the penyokong”.

Banyak la orang yang call bagi comment masing-masing.

I totally understand the penyokong’s point of view. Orang ramai sentiasa bagi harapan tinggi kepada national players. We have high hopes that these people boleh mengharumkan nama Malaysia. So sebagai national player, if you don’t perform, blame it on yourself.

Tapi sebagai penyokong, jangan la over sangat. Why can’t we just stand by their side? Kalah atau menang, kita tetap Malaysian. Kita kene sokong Malaysia. I understand the frustration.

But what I don’t understand is, kenapa kene kutuk gila gila punya gila? Kalah, kalah la.. after all, it’s just a game. Tak payah la condemn macam kau bagus sangat. Yes, they are professionals, they do trainings every day.

But even David Beckham had missed his penalty kick in World Cup. Bukan sebab goal keeper tu terror sangat, sebab dia tendang pun straight and very predictable. Tapi, ada peminat Beckham nak kecoh? Tak, sebab dia David Beckham!

Liverpool kalah banyak games even with stupid team, tapi ada peminat Liverpool kecoh? Tak, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”!

Bila MU kalah, ada the fans nak kutuk-kutuk the team, the player, or the strategy? No, instead they go and delete all other Liverpool fans from their facebook or twitter account. They still stand by MU side and still call themselves MU fans.

Tapi bila Malaysia kalah? Bodoh, main macam taik, menyesal beli tiket, tak guna sokong, buang masa tengok and a lot of other negative things.

Tak fair langsungkan?

Kalau Malaysia menang sesuatu bukan main lagi “Malaysia Boleh”, kalau kalah “Malaysia Boleh Blah”. A concept that is only practiced by my fellow Malaysian.


Karim Ghufran said...

yea..tapi yang paling bodoh adalah penyokong mufc yg delete-delete tu..

Izrin said...

Agak la kan.. hehe.. :p

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