Saturday, February 14, 2009

What happened to this girl?

Really, what happened to her?

She used to be sooo hot! Sooooo bloody thin that she didnt even know tuna is fish (she's got small brain)! But now, just look at her..

According to Jessica Simpson, the main factor of the weight gain was because of stress factor. Does stress really make u fat?? I think.........................

From this (2005):

To this............................................... (2008)

Yes, I believe that stress made me fat.. Oh wait! oh no.. happy also makes me fat! because i eat when i am happy and i 'junk-food'-ing when i am stressed. So conclusion....? I MEMANG fat!
What am I doing: Looking at old photos
Current mood: Stress


Dina said...

I think stress makes me lose weight. I was under severe stress during the months before my wedding. I lost weight mostly because I didn't have time to eat. Work was crazy at that time.
But now am putting on the pounds like nobody's business. hehe. guess i hav to choose to eiter be happy n fat or slimmer but stressed out.

when are we gonna hav that spa session? hehehe

angelX said...

stress or happy
both make me eat.
camne tu???!
izrin, ur photos so cute.
and gile la jessica simpsons!!

angelX said...

poyo gile nama i angelx.
kononnya nak coverline tapi bersepah upload gambar sendiri di blog.. hahahahahaha

Dina said...

hahah. that explains the photo with the hat tak nampak muka eh? ;D
btw, sape lagi among us yg ada blog? I love reading both of ur blogs girls. update lah slalu. hehe

PrincessRen said...

hi there :) notice u in my Google Referring Sites...

Well, don't worry about it. Guys love girls with some fats... i donno where i get that idea but must always be positive. LOL

PrincessRen said...

oh i gained 10 kg last year from my usual 45kg back in 2007... never look back since :P

Izrin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Izrin said...

dina: at least u have a choice :p u can choose to be happy if u want to kurus, or u can be stress if nak gemuk... like me..i cant choose! haha.. i am fat either way :p

aziati: pls tell me i am not as fat as jessica simpson.. haha (altho i am, but just tell me not la ok?) :p pls let me sleep tonite.. haha

PrincessRen: u knw, when i first came back from uk, after about 3 months i gained almost 10kg, then i TRIED to lose at least 5 kg, but gained another 5 kg instead. :p and yes, guys like girls with some fats.. hehe (this will make me sleep well tonite:p)

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