Friday, September 17, 2010

Salam Raya 2010

Today is the 7th syawal, and I am still on leave, Alhamdulillah. Although sadly, it will end soon, I am rather happy that I could spend so much time with family, friends and boyfriend (ecewah)..

This year’s raya was spent moderately. I did not send kain for tailoring, instead I bought ready-made baju raya. Only bought 2 baju raya, which normally I’d have 3 at minimum. We did not order kuih raya from the lady that we used to order from, instead, we only bought some kuih sold at Bangsar Village concourse 2 days before raya.

At kampong, I didn’t feel raya at all. The only thing that can bring the raya mood is meeting my cousins from Kelantan, because they are the only long-distant cousins that we have. However, this year, they didn’t feel like celebrating because they feel incomplete without their mother, my arwah mak long. I too was very much disturbed with the feeling that this raya is not as normal as it has always been.

Everybody misses mak long so much.

And the stupid thing about this raya (I only realize it this year, not sure about the years before) Siti Nurhaliza was shown in almost every channel on TV, almost all the time. No offence to Siti’s fan, but I cannot stand her, too much of Siti makes me sick. Like there is no other good programmes to be shown on TV. And, cerita hantu was shown also almost all the time. Semua cerita hantu keluar.. maybe sebab bulan puasa semua hantu kene ikat…. Sucks.

OK lah, its time to mintak maaf to all who reads this blog. Some writings might have offended a lot of people. But they are just some opinions of mine that needs to be shared or some reminders especially for myself to make me a better person. No intention to hurt anyone or any parties. Apa pun, saya mintak maaf zahir dan batin. Ikhlas dari Izrin and Ali.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

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