Saturday, June 19, 2010

Once you were

Once you were my best friend,
We went to the same school, that’s how we met.

Once you were my best friend,
We laughed about lame jokes, and you were the cause of all amusement, that’s how funny you used to be.

Once you were my best friend,
We talked about our relationships, that’s how comfortable we were with each other.

Once you were my best friend,
We spent late nights just hanging out, went on holidays, talked about Ex-s, be there on every occasion, every crisis, hugged for comfort, that’s how close we were.

Until you met the girl that YOU thought was the love of your life,
You said, " Meet my best friend, Izrin",
I thought to myself, "My best friend is in love"

When the world was against you, I stood up for you, I protected you,
I accepted her, for who she is, because YOU said she makes you happy,
I tried to make everybody back to where we used to be, once when you were my best friend.

But you chose your own life,
You chose your path,
You chose your love and never tried to make it work with your other life with me,
You chose to be happy on your own,
You chose to forget the memories,
You chose to forget me,
You chose to be a friend once,
But now you chose to be just someone I knew back then when I was in school.


Aziati Wan Haron said...


mclarenna said...

Its me nana, ina's friend. Yeay I found your blog when I was browsing those runner's blog. Gawd Im nervous for this sunday's race. Hows ur preparation? Me? Nadddaaahhh....lepak chill bersahaja mcm bagus. Ekeke.. hope to see you Sunday.

Izrin said...

nana!!!! hey.. :) glad u drop by..oh, no! its tomorrowwww!!! i lagi macam bagus.. dah setahun tak lari kot.. hehe my fren n i are just gonna brisk walking n catching up.. haha.. yeap, hope to see u tomorrow!! gd luck!

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